West New York Exxon Station Sells Second Winning Lottery Ticket In Less Than 3 Weeks

What are the odds that the same Hudson County merchant would sell a winning New Jersey lottery ticket twice in less than three weeks?  Pretty good apparently.

The Exxon gas station, owned by Ramirez and Sons, located on 60th Street in West New York, sold the ticket from Monday night’s, Jersey Cash 5 drawing.

The winning prize for the lucky ticket holder?  $130,746.  Not bad, right?  Well, that’s not even close to the winning ticket sold at the gas station less than three weeks ago.  That payout was worth $216,368.

So, if you play the Jersey Cash 5, you might want to consider heading over to the Exxon station on 60th in West New York  Sorry, but I can’t tell you what their gasoline prices are, but if you want to test your luck, it might be the place for you.

Oh, and if you did buy a Jersey Cash 5 ticket to Monday’s drawing, and you have not checked the winning numbers yet, they are 08, 20, 25, 29 and 34.  The XTRA number was 02.

Good luck.


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