WNY Mayoral Candidate Cosmo Cirillo Wants Early Polling Place on Waterfront

West New York Mayoral candidate Cosmo Cirillo says waterfront residents are being neglected in terms of early voting.  In a statement Cirillo is calling upon the Hudson County Board of Elections to place an early voting location somewhere along the town’s waterfront.

At the West New York Board of Commissioners meeting on April 5, 2023, Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo called on the Hudson County Board of Elections to place an early polling location at the Waterfront.  Cirillo stated, “The proposal was made in an attempt to increase voter turnout and make voting locations more accessible and spread out throughout town. The addition of a Waterfront polling location would allow more residents to vote who would otherwise be less likely to do so.”

Commissioner Cirillo went on to say, “We have an entire group of residents who have been underrepresented and disenfranchised from voting because there are no polling places accessible in their community.  I’m calling on the board of elections to fix that issue.”

Election day is Tuesday, May 9, 2023. To learn more about the Column A candidates and their  campaign, visit www.wnyforward.com and follow West New York Forward’s social media @WNYForward on Facebook and Instagram.

Cirillo’s mayoral opponent is former Mayor and former Congressman Albio Sires .