West New York officials cut a ribbon on a new, five deck parking garage on 57th Street on Saturday.  Constructed in eight months time on the former site of a surface parking lot, the garage adds new spaces, both rental and shopper’s, for a total of 272 spaces.

The garage is perfectly situated in the heart of midtown, just half a block east of Bergenline Avenue.  It fulfills a commitment made by both former Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez, the Assemblyman-Elect, and current Mayor Albio Sires to improve quality of life issues in the municipality.
The garage has it all.  There are security cameras located throughout the structure with emergency call boxes, and a manned, guard house will be opening next to the entrance.  In addition to having an elevator, the internal stairwells will have lit handrails so people have better visibility on the stairs.
There are four, electric vehicle charging stations inside the garage, and there are bicycle racks outside the building so you can secure your bike when you shop.
The West New York Parking Utility has installed pay stations for shoppers…25 cents for twenty minutes…and residents can purchase either a monthly or quarterly spot on a reserved or non-reserved basis.  It’s $75 monthly or $200 on a quarterly basis, although there is already a waiting list of 300 residents.  A reserved space will cost $135.
The garage was designed by Clarke, Caton, Hintz Architects of Trenton.
For further information, call the Parking Utility at (201) 295-1575.