North Bergen Mayor and Police help bag groceries for charity

Thursday afternoon Mayor Nicholas Sacco along with officers from the North Bergen Police Department teamed up for the annual “Help Bag Hunger Day” fundraiser at ShopRite in Columbia Park. The event is held every September to bring awareness to the issue of hunger in the community. Different vendors and companies partner up with ShopRite to raise money that gets donated to local food banks and other organizations to help with the efforts.

So far ShopRite has raised over 3500 dollars and plans to reach their goal of about 8000 dollars in the next couple weeks. Mayor Sacco was present to help lend a hand and believes this to be a great initiative to help those in need, as well as establish a great relationship between the community and the town.

The Mayor expressed, “The Inserra family is very generous, and for many years they’ve been collecting food and other goods for people. They set up events with different vendors to give out products to people who are in need.”

Store Manager Manny Martinez was also present, helping bag groceries as well and letting us know how beneficial the event has proven to be for North Bergen residents.

“It’s a great event where customers get familiarized with the Mayor and see what goes on in the store. They get to see that we are raising awareness for what is going on in the community, at the end of the day it’s awesome.”